Surprise Baby – Could you be pregnant?

You may have seen the news item about the soldier who had her baby out in Helmand and didn’t know she was pregnant?
That’s the first front line baby I’ve heard about and I know that a lot of people were commenting that she must have known she was expecting.

Unfortunately these days it’s more common than you think. Women are living with higher levels of stress than ever before, more of us are living on our own, working harder than ever to support ourselves, that’s not to say that men aren’t working hard too but from my experience as a woman you feel that you always have to go the extra mile to feel valued in the workplace and women are still paid subsequently less than men so having a second job is pretty common.
So with the long hours at work culture, trying to fit in a social life and in some cases drinking to excess to cope with all the modern demands, something has to give.

Not Listening

Over the years, I lost count of the times I‘ve heard about women who don’t have a regular menstrual cycle, it’s normal for them to go without having a period for 8 months or more and they don’t get the problem investigated as going to the doctors and hospital involves taking time off work which they don’t want to do. Women are ignoring their bodies so when they do fall pregnant, the first indicator of missing your period just isn’t there to show that something has changed. Also, not everyone has morning sickness or if they do have a mild bout of it, they’ll usually put it down to a bug they’ve picked up.
Also, not taking the time to listen and be in tune with your body means that you’re more likely to miss the other changes. My acupuncturist can always detect when a client is pregnant as she can pick up the changes in the pulses. Most women going though pregnancy will see their body shape change as the baby starts to show but for the women who are too busy, they seem to put on minimal weight and any weight increase is usually put down to their busy life and not getting to the gym often enough and they don’t develop an obvious baby bump.

The first they know of their pregnancy is when they’ve been rushed to hospital with abdominal pains and when they get there they are told to push, or the baby will suddenly arrive wherever they are with very little warning. They then go through a wave of emotions from complete shock, to how did they not know and the realisation that they are now a mummy but they don’t have a single piece of clothing or the necessary equipment for the baby. Their life has now drastically changed and they weren’t prepared for it. I do remember reading of a woman who went through this experience and she said that her one regret was that she didn’t get to experience and enjoy her pregnancy. So if you aren’t listening to your body, isn’t it about time you started?

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