Soft Drinks Tax – Education is the key

So the UK Government wants to introduce yet another tax, this time it’s on soft drinks. Somehow they think this will reduce the level of obesity in this country, unfortunately it’s the typical fire-fighting response from this Government.

The reasons for obesity are varied but here’s a simple one which can be changed – education.

We used to have Home Economics classes (in Secondary School) where you learnt how to prepare and cook meals including costing the ingredients up. This ensured you knew how to cook for yourself so if you didn’t have the best home environment at least you learnt the basics. You were also taught about healthy food and making the right food choices.

Now it’s known as Food Technology and I don’t think they see so much of the inside of an oven sadly but concentrate on other food related things.

We need a return to Home Economics to teach children the basics of cooking and to provide them with knowledge on healthy eating to empower them to continue with this skill and pass it on to their own children. Without it obesity levels will continue to rise.

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