Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage treatment

1hr – £60

1.5hr – £90

2.0hr – £120

Dorn Method inc Breuss Massage
1hr – £60

1.5hr – £90

For your first appointment a 1.5 hour session is recommended as your first appointment will include a consultation where details of any medical conditions and medication you may be taking are recorded and once this is completed the rest of the time will be spent on your treatment. Please bring your GP and Consultant (if applicable) details with you, to your first appointment.

To book a treatment please call 07399 875288 or email
You can ask any questions using this form or you can simply send an email or phone.

Terms and Conditions:

As I’m sure you understand if you make an appointment with me I keep that time free for you. So I do need 48 hours notice of cancellation. Otherwise the full cost of the treatment will be due.

I have the right to refuse treatment.

Treatment time includes treatment and changing time.


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