Pilates and Dorn – A Perfect Marriage

I took up pilates many years ago and loved it. Pilates made me think about how I use my body and how to maintain my posture to help prevent back pain and I’ve stuck by the principles every since.

Finding a good instructor is the key to learning pilates the correct way. You need to find a class which limits the number of attendees, for example you don’t really want more than 12 in a class as the teacher won’t be able to give you the attention you need.

You’ll learn that minute changes in how you hold or carry out a pilates move, will make a difference. You’ll also be able to apply what you’ve learnt in class to everyday use.

As I’ve continued on my journey learning different massage and therapies I’ve learnt to protect my body, especially my back when I use it.

This is one of the reasons I’m a big Dorn Method fan. This therapy can help put you back into alignment and since I also teach posture awareness and self-help exercises to help maintain balance in your body, it should make you consider how you are using your body.

Since pilates also teaches you about core stability and how to maintain it, this is why I think Dorn and Pilates are the perfect marriage.

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