Marketing for Therapists

I was at a networking event recently and we started having a discussion about marketing and I mentioned that as therapists we are targeted by companies wanting us to buy advertising space on appointment cards at G.P Surgeries. Another attendee in an unrelated industry mentioned how they had been approached by one of these companies too.
I was rather taken aback as I thought it was only therapists who were targeted in this way.

If you are every approached for this type of advertising then the question you need to ask is: Have you ever been handed an appointment card at your Doctor’s Surgery? Most appointments are made over the phone of if you are at the surgery, you’ll write it down in your diary or on your phone.

If you have signed up and are being charged money from these companies, the first thing to do is check with the Surgery that your company has actually been promoted. It’s best to visit the Surgery in question and speak to the reception staff, explain who you are and ask if they’ve had your cards to distribute. In most cases, they won’t have. From this point you’ll need to seek legal advice as how to proceed from here.

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