Could Your Cough be the Death of You?

It’s that time of the year when the sniffles start and the more serious bugs start to circulate. Coming down with colds and illness is commonplace and can range from a simple cold to a full blown virus.

Some virus’s can really take it out of your body and it takes time to recover but there’s one thing you should be on the look out for and it’s the persistent cough.

If you have been coughing for some time and it won’t go away then please get it checked out. If antibiotics are prescribed then complete the course, don’t just stop when you feel better as you won’t have fully got rid of the bug and it may come back even stronger.

If after seeing your doctor, the cough hasn’t gone away then, go back, it needs to be investigated.

One of my clients told me how they ignored what they thought was a cold which they’d had for some time and it was only after many months of persistent coughing before they finally went to their GP. The end result was open heart surgery to remove a tumour the size of an orange from their lung. Thankfully the tumour was benign.

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