What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage follows the principles of holistic massage but additional techniques are used which enable greater pressure to be applied to tight muscles to help them release.

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Those who participate in sports find the pressure techniques used during this massage to be beneficial to them as it helps to ease aching muscles.

How many sessions are required?

The majority of clients usually want a deep tissue massage on their back as this is where they tend to hold most of their tension. Depending on how tense the back muscles are, and for how long they have been like this a number of sessions may be required to ensure best results.

If you suffer from regular back problems and you feel that a deep tissue massage is not getting to the core of your back pain, then you may find it beneficial to have a treatment, which is a gentle treatment of the back and common joints and a single session can produce good results.

Deep tissue massage can be experienced as a one off treatment or as part of regular maintenance. You can chose from a whole body treatment or just to concentrate on specific areas. For example: the back, shoulders and arms, the legs or the face and head.

Testimonial: I booked in for a deep tissue massage with Ashling as I had tension in my back. Ashling worked on muscles in my back that other therapists haven’t been able to touch. The massage left my back so much looser as the tension just melted away.
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