Bugs and Germs

These days we seem to have regular bouts of various bugs going around. I’m sure in the past these were prevalent at certain times of the year (or is that just me?). One of the most basic things you can do to help stop catching all and sundry is handwashing.

As soon as I arrive at a place I’ve travelled to, I wash my hands. It’s one of the first actions I do when I get home and I’ve carried anti bacteria gel on me for about a decade so that when I’m out I can use it before I eat. Doing this has helped prevent me from catching various bugs and germs over the years.

Fresh air, even when it’s been absolutely freezing cold, I always open the windows and air my place. Otherwise you’re just living in constant stale air which isn’t good for you.

I’m also mindful of where I put my hands, meaning that I try to avoid touching my mouth or nose.

I’m not obsessive about it but I’ve stuck to this and I think it makes a difference.

I also regularly clean my phones with antiseptic wipes and my monitor, keyboard and mouse too. This is particularly important if your work in an office and other people use your work station from time to time.

One other thing I’ve done for years is to have a small spray bottle with water and a few drops of tea-tree oil. I used to spray it around my workstation area, I couldn’t prove if it made a difference but it felt like it did to me.

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