Binge Drinking

The UK Government has proposed to increase the tax on alcohol to stop binge drinking. This will just hit the sensible drinker and why should everyone be punished for the behaviour of some?

Binge drinking has a number of factors attached to it, far more than can be covered in a single blog post but here’s some of my views on it.

Why do people feel the need to go out and get so drunk that they end up passed out / being arrested / in hospital?

The lack of self-respect is worrying as the message you’re sending out is, I don’t care about me or what happens to me. It truly is terrifying these days to see the high level of young people (sadly including a lot of women too) who end up so drunk they are incapable of looking after themselves, collapsed on the street – where are their friends?

If you are in that state anything can happen, you could end up being raped, killed or both. Why on earth would you want to put yourself in such danger?

Your lack of self-esteem and self-worth must be incredibly low to not care for your own life.

The type of alcoholic drink being consumed doesn’t help either, since so many are based on chemicals, which I think affects some people’s perception of alcohol and their behaviour.

Tackling the behaviour:

For those who need looking after, I’ve seen a scheme run in another country where, similar to a hotel those who are incapable of looking after themselves are brought there and looked after by staff specially employed for the task. In the morning when they go to leave, they are presented with the bill of a couple of hundred pounds. I’m sure that doing this a couple of times may help some to wake up to their behaviour.

If such a scheme was deployed here, the burden would be taken off the NHS who currently end up looking after these drunks, when their time and resources could be well spent elsewhere.

For those that want to fight everybody, well they usually have to be arrested. If the Police were able to utilise vehicles similar to the Prisoner Transport vans and locate them out on the streets to house the individuals, rather than transferring them to a police cell. This would see the Police being kept out where they’re needed and again in the morning a similar system where they are fined a couple of hundred pounds before being sent on their way.

These ideas could help to alleviate some of the burden placed on our precious NHS and Police services but to tackle the actual root cause of binge drinking, well that’s going to take a lot more work.

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