Vodder MLD Therapy

I am a qualified Vodder MLD Therapist. I treat lymphoedema, fertility problems, acne, puffy eyes, water retention and more with Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD. For more information Click Here

Dorn Method Therapy

I am qualified as an Advanced Dorn Method Therapist. The Dorn Method is a revolutionary gentle manual therapy for back and joint pain. I treat severe back ache, headaches, migraines & sciatica. For more information Click Here

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"This was the most gentle & relaxing massage, got rid of the tension & I slept like a baby that night.”
Mrs G Connell, Ealing

I booked in for a deep tissue massage with Ashling as I had tension in my back. Ashling worked on muscles in my back that other therapists haven't been able to touch. The massage left my back so much looser as the tension just melted away.
Lorraine T, London SE10